01. Why a Saxophone School


A saxophone school to:


  • Provide high quality tuition in a supportive environment
  • Stimulate creative thinking in children
  • Give adults the possibility to learn the saxophone to a high standard
  • Make connections with saxophonists from a variety of musical backgrounds, experience and genres
  • Develop and expand the saxophone community in London

02. Lessons at LSS


What to expect from lessons at London Saxophone School.


  • Tailored saxophone tuition
  • Studying mechanics of playing the saxophone
  • Developing the skills to think like a musician
  • To aim high and achieve a high standard
  • Affordable rates

03. London Saxophone School Philosophy

People have different interests and musical tastes and one single teaching method does not work for every student. You may want to learn to read musical notation and theory, just play tunes, or may want to become a better improvisor or explore genres such as contemporary music, experimental or jazz. Whatever it is, our ambition is to understand your attitude towards learning and follow that path in order to make you progress and learn valuable saxophone skills for a lifetime.

04. Overview of teaching method

Our job as teachers is to guide you to understand the language of music. We believe in motivating you to experimenting on why some things work better than others, while guiding you consciously on the right path. Breaking down musical concepts is essential. You will master techniques that will become second nature when you practise. We have seen many students worrying too much when mistakes happen in their playing. Mistakes should be embraced and not be afraid of making them. They are part of the musical development of a musician.


Once you understand the reason of your imperfections, how to solve them and where to aim for, then you will have developed not only a high standard of musicianship but a great deal of musical maturity as well. By the use of positive wording, encouragement and motivation our aim is to boost your self-esteem levels for you be confident about your playing, your sound, your musicality, your technique, and most importantly, you.