Group classes for adults

Group Classes for Adults give a powerful overview of the saxophone in a short period of time. These types of sessions are aimed for complete beginners with no previous musical or saxophone experience. These classes will teach you the basics of saxophone playing while building up solid foundations for future musical development. Group classes run for 5 consecutive weeks with a maximum of 5 students per class in order to guarantee a great deal of attention from the teacher to each student.

In just 5 weeks you will:


  • learn to set up the saxophone
  • know how to position the reed
  • play with a great tone
  • hold the saxophone correctly
  • play the 8 main notes
  • understand tonguing
  • know how to play in tempo
  • play technical exercises
  • record a simple jazz tune

The course takes place in Notting Hill, Oxford Circus and Warren Street. Click here to view timetable