Hiring/Buying your saxophone

1. I don’t own a saxophone, how can I join the London Saxophone School? HELP ME!


At the London Saxophone School we don’t offer a hiring scheme so all students need to have their own saxophone to attend lessons and classes.

Hiring is the most popular option among students taking the Introduction to Saxophone course and are starting from scratch.


2. Where can I rent a saxophone from?
There are two main saxophone shops in London which have fantastic hiring scheme at very low prices.


You should pay a visit or call Howarth of London and Sax.co.uk


3. How much will it cost me?
They both have pretty cheap deals on rentals (approx. £75-£90).

Tip: Talk to Tom at Howarth and Jean-Christophe or Adrian at Sax.co.uk; they all know the school very well.


4. Which saxophone shall I get?
Any saxophone which is available for hiring is great for the start.

The vary slightly on prices, so that depends on how much you want to spend.

You want to get an ALTO SAXOPHONE with a pack of Vandoren Reeds n.2 blue box.


5. Can I hire a TENOR saxophone?

You can certainly learn on tenor from the very beginning.

It has a deeper sound than an alto, it is slightly heavier and bigger.

Apart from this, it’s a beautiful instrument.


4. Sax.co.uk                         3. Howarth of London


6. What accessories do I need to buy?

Reeds!!! Good reeds will make you sound good so it’s worth having them right from the start.
A package of Vandoren Reeds n.2 Blue Box
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