One-to-one Lessons – Adults

1-to-1 lessons are 1 hour in length for all levels and can start at anytime. They can be purchased as a block of 5, 10, 20 or individually. To see good results it is recommended to have lessons weekly. Before you commit to any course, we usually recommend meeting for a consultation lesson for you to have an overview of the teaching method.

So, what’s in it for me?


Learning with a private teacher has many great benefits. You learn at your own pace, focusing on your interests and playing what you really like and needs improving.


These are just some of the many benefits you will get from learning on a one to one basis:

  • Get attentive and personalised coaching on your technique & sound
  • Work on a tailored plan made by you and your teacher
  • Work at your own pace
  • Learn your favourite tunes (and not the teacher’s)
  • Know your weak points and target them with your teacher’s guidance
  • Develop solid saxophone technique


As an adult learner is important that you learn the music that you like, the one that you enjoy the most.


We know you want to have fun playing the saxophone!


You tell us what style you prefer, which songs you want to learn and we will do everything we know to get you playing in no time. Teaching both by ear and by reading musical notation, you will gain a deep knowledge on the saxophone and the musical language.

For Beginners

In private lessons you will learn all you need to know about the saxophone. This includes


  • how to set it up
  • how to hold it
  • fingerings
  • how to produce a note
  • how to read musical notation
  • introduction to scales and improvisation
  • basic improvisation techniques
  • technical etudes
  • how to develop your musicality
  • sight-reading
  • how to play in tempo
  • rhythm exercises
  • playing your favourite tunes

Advanced players

For more advance players private lessons include


  • technical exercise
  • all major/minor scales, intervals of 3’s/4’s
  • arpeggios: major, minor, dominant, diminished, augmented
  • modes
  • vibrato
  • multiphonics
  • slap
  • altissimo register
  • transcription techniques
  • learning by ear
  • sight-reading
  • improvisation techniques
  • even & odd time rhythms
  • pieces

If you would like to take graded examinations or are looking for coaching for auditions and/or concerts, we can also help you with either option as well.