Online lessons

London Saxophone School also offers online lessons from the comfort of your own home. If you don’t have the time to commit to lessons in person, are not local or live in another country or continent, Skype lessons are an excellent way to learn. We have taught many pupils around the world from Mexico to India and within a period of 6 months there was a significant improvement on their sound and technique.

What’s included

For Beginners

With online lessons you will learn all you need to know about the saxophone, which includes:

  • how to set it up
  • how to hold it
  • fingerings
  • how to produce a note
  • how to read musical notation
  • introduction to scales and improvisation
  • basic improvisation techniques
  • technical etudes
  • how to develop your musicality
  • sight-reading
  • how to play in tempo
  • rhythm exercises
  • playing your favourite tunes

Advanced Players

For more advance players private lessons include:

  • technical exercise
  • all major/minor scales, intervals of 3’s/4’s
  • arpeggios: major, minor, dominant, diminished, augmented
  • modes
  • vibrato
  • multiphonics
  • slap
  • altissimo register
  • transcriptions
  • learning by ear
  • sight-reading
  • improvisation techniques
  • even & odd time rhythms
  • pieces

“Having lessons with Martino via Skype was a great experience for me and was able build a very special musical relationship with him. To see and understand the music the way Martino does, has completely changed my conception of sound. Every note, every phrase now have a new and deeper meaning; the interpretation becomes something real. It has been an extremely enriching and fun experience. I’m now hoping to get coaching with my quartet.”
Victoria Franco. Puebla, MEXICO