Jazz 101


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There shouldn’t be fear when in making up your own melodies! Everybody can improvise! If you are an intermediate player (or above) who knows nothing or little about this art form but want to expand your musical horizons to the world of improvisation, then this course is for you. Jazz 101 aims to equip you with the confidence needed to create melodies on the spot while building a great solid foundation on the theoretical aspect of improvising. You will work on specific improvisation techniques that will allow you to practice more efficiently
while creating better and more-organised solos. Furthermore, you will use the power of your imagination to free-improvise following non-musical guidelines such as paintings and poetry.


Note: Saxophone is not provided


Oct 1 – Dec 3
Saturdays 2- 3.30pm

10 weeks

Max number of students:

85 Hampstead Road

Note: Saxophone is not provided


  • What is improvisation
  • Jazz improvisation – overview
  • Free improvisation – overview
  • Play/Rest combination practice (even-bar phrasing)
  • Rhythmic improvisation
  • Major scales & major triads
  • Minor scales & minor triads
  • Scale patters using triads
  • Creating melodies through free playing and pentatonic scales
  • Interact with other musicians – Call & Response drills
  • Know your chords: chord tone drills
  • Group playing
  • Tunes