Tamás Gyurcso

Jazz saxophone

Tamás was born in Miskolc, Hungary, in 1989. He started studying music very early, at the age of 6, starting with the recorder. At the age of 11 he picks up the alto saxophone, learning mostly classical music. One year later he discovers the music of Charlie Parker and falls in love with jazz music.
In 2006, Tamás moves from his small hometown to Budapest, where he begins to learn jazz with some of the finest jazz musicians of the country, such as Kristóf Bacsó, József Barcza Horváth and Csaba Czirják. During these years, he spends more and more time with some of Budapest’s most notable musicians.

He played alongside, and collaborated with the likes of Gábor Bolla, Sándor Molnár, Márton Fenyvesi, Mátyás Tóth, Norbert Farkas, Balázs Horváth, Ákos Benkő.

In 2010 he moves to Trento, Italy where he obtains his Bachelor’s degree in jazz saxophone. He studies saxophone with Robert Bonisolo, piano with Roberto Cipelli, and composition with Roberto Spadoni. Three years later, he moves to Milan where he continued his master studies.

There, he has more opportunities to perform with various local artists, such as Lorenzo Lombardo, Claudio Ottaviano, Giovanni Agosti, Rudi Manzoli, Marco Rottoli, Claudio Phan, Raffaele Romano, Lorenzo Blardone, Andrea Bruzzone, and many others.

In 2015, he is selected to participate at the Rotary Vittoria Jazz Award, organized by the world famous Francesco Cafiso: He reaches the semi-finals, out of hundreds of musicians.

In September, Tamás moved to London, where he now works as a music teacher and a freelance saxophone player. You’ll likely hear him at Ronny Scott’s Upstairs Bar on Wednesday evenings, or some other jam sessions in town.

Are you ready for some of the greatest jazz standard renditions around?


Website: http://tamasgyurcso.com