Intro to

In the Introduction to Saxophone Course you will learn everything you need to know to get started playing the saxophone.



In the Saxophone Ensemble Course you will get to play with 15 fellow saxophonists and perform in the LSS concert by the end of the course.

One to one

One to one lessons

Refine your saxophone skills or take up the saxophone from scratch. Our teachers have vast experience working with kids and adult learners of any level from beginners to advanced.

What you will be learning

Jazz Standards


No matter what your current level is, develop your saxophone and improvisational skills by studying the great standards of the jazz repertoire. Learn anything from Duke Ellington to Miles Davis, Coleman Hawkings to John Coltrane and bring your jazz skills to the next level.

Classical Pieces


Develop, refine and improve your technique, your sound and your control on the saxophone using repertoire and studies written by composers from the 20th and well as more contemporary music that uses a wide variety of effects and extended techniques. You will be surprised by how much more effective your playing will get.


Pop Songs


Impress your family and friends by playing your favourite popular songs on the saxophone. From Adele to Amy Winehouse, the Beatles to Michael Jackson and many many more. Learn to play the saxophone in a fun and engaging way.

Chords & Improvisation


Tackle improvisation by using specific practice techniques that will not only help you understand the theory behind improv but will also allow you to hear chords in a deeper and more refined way. Never feel lost again and get ready to play the melodies you have in your head.




Have a killer sense of timing by isolating rhythmic cells and concentrate on developing the inner timing in you. Working on your timing not only will make you feel more confident as a player but will also positively affect your sigh-reading, sound and improvisation.


Play in Large Groups


Put your saxophone knowledge to use by playing with other fellow saxophonists in saxophone ensembles. Playing in large groups will boost your musical skills like never before that you will feel proud you did it.


What our students say about us

Motivational, inspiring and fun. I made a lot of new friends
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Encouraging teaching and super fun! Practicing comes so easy
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Fun, stimulating, insightful… Definitely recommended
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Free Saxophone Resources for you!

7 Saxophone Tips for All Levels


Everything you need to know to improve your playing with minimal effort. From reed positioning to finger speed, warm-ups, practising, performing and rhythm.

5 Tips to help your child to practice

5 Tips to Help Your Child to Practice for parents

Essential practical tips if you are looking to get your child to fall in love with music. Written from a dad to all parents.

Info Pack for Adults


Discover more about our saxophone courses for adults in London, how they can benefit you and how you can get involved.


Info Pack for Parents


Learn about our courses for kids and teenagers in London and how we can help your child get started on the saxophone.