Virtual Masterclass with George Garzone with Special Bonuses

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In this Saxophone Giants Masterclass, legendary Berklee professor jazz saxophonist and sought-after educator George Garzone will be sharing his eye-opening views on sound and embouchure from his unique perspective after 47 years of teaching the best players in the world (such Branford Marsalis and Joshua Redman just to name a few).

Mr. Garzone goes thoroughly in-depth into sound production and embouchure with a very simple and easy-to-understand language.

Mr. Garzone also unveils how to improvise more freely through his unique Triadic Chromatic Approach.

His teachings will, not only change the way you perceive sound but also how to approach music at the deepest level possible.

A masterclass full of vital information for players of all abilities looking to take their playing to a high level.


Here’s just some of what we’ll be covering…

  • George Garzone’s Embouchure
  • The importance of non-articulating
  • The role of the tongue
  • Finger articulation
  • The HA sound
  • Releasing the bottom lip to create a bigger sound
  • How to create your own sound
  • The Triadic approach
  • Major triads with half-step in between: overview
  • Minor triads with half-step in between: overview
  • Major and Minor triads mixed with half-step in between: overview
  • Augmented triads with half-step in between: overview
  • Diminished triads with half-step in between: overview
  • Augmented and Diminished triads mixed with half-step in between: overview
  • The Chromatic Approach
  • Mixing the Triadic and the Chromatic Approach for more interesting improvisation
  • …and much more


Masterclass includes:

  • 2hr 40 min virtual masterclass with George Garzone
  • Worksheets in concert pitch, Eb and Bb
  • Exact transcriptions of George Garzone’s lines played in the masterclass


What is this masterclass all about?

Great saxophone teachers are hard to find let alone studying with world-class saxophonists.

All these incredible educators might be too busy to take onboard new students in person or might live in another country than yours which complicates things.
This series of virtual masterclasses brings you the opportunity to study with the best saxophonists and educators around the world from the comfort of your home.
Learn from the best musicians on the planet and further your saxophone skills to levels you never thought possible.