Introduction to Saxophone for kids


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Attention, parents of aspiring saxophonists!!

We are thrilled to introduce our popular Introduction to Saxophone course, specially designed to ignite your child’s passion for music and set them on a melodious journey with the saxophone.

Have you noticed your child’s eagerness to play the saxophone, but they haven’t had the chance to pursue it until now?

Look no further! Our tailored course is the perfect starting point for your child, even if they have no prior experience with the saxophone or music.

Over 8 weeks, our comprehensive program will equip your child with all the skills to play great song tunes on the saxophone. Our dedicated instructors understand the unique needs of young learners and have designed the curriculum to ensure a fun and engaging learning experience.

Each week, your child will have the joy of learning and playing a brand-new tune. Picture the pride and sense of accomplishment they will feel as they master one song after another, steadily growing into a confident saxophonist.

Enrolling your child in our Introduction to Saxophone course not only provides them with an opportunity to explore their musical talents but also fosters important life skills such as discipline, perseverance, and creativity. Playing the saxophone can be a transformative experience for young minds, enhancing their cognitive abilities and boosting their self-confidence.

Join us today and support your child on this extraordinary musical adventure.


What you will your child learn:

  • Set up –  Learn how to put together your saxophone and how to place the reed correctly.
  • How to make a sound  – Learn the proper way to position your mouth to make a great sound.
  • Fingering – Learn to play the notes on the saxophone, their names, and how to write them on the musical staff.
  • Rhythm – Learn how to stay in tempo and recognize the difference between tempo and rhythm.
  • Reading – Learn how to read musical notation and the tricks to recognize the notes on the staff.
  • Group performance – Play your favorite song and play it with your group at the end of the course.
  • …and much more


Who is this for:

  • Kids with no previous experience on the saxophone or music
  • Kids aged 9 to 13



When: October 3 to November 28, 2023 ( 8 weeks). No class during half-term October 24.

Day: Weekly classes on Tuesdays.

Time: 5pm to 6pm.

Students per class: 5 – 8

Venue: St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Moscow Road – London W2 4LQ


You are required to have your own saxophone to take this course.  To hire one from us contact us here.