Junior Saxophone Ensemble


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Embark on a captivating musical journey by enrolling your child in our enriching junior saxophone ensemble, tailored specifically for young saxophone learners. This exceptional program aims to nurture and expand their saxophone skills while fostering a deep understanding of the instrument’s nuances. Through engaging weekly rehearsals held in the vibrant neighbourhood of Notting Hill, your child will embark on an exciting path of growth and discovery.

During these sessions, your child will have the opportunity to extend their saxophone range, establish a solid sense of timing, and acquire essential collaborative skills by playing alongside other budding musicians. The ensemble experience will enhance their rhythm and timing and cultivate vital attributes such as attentive listening, effective communication, and seamless collaboration with peers.

To participate in this remarkable journey, your child should have completed our Introduction to Saxophone course, setting the foundation for their musical adventure. This intermediate ensemble offers a supportive and challenging environment, thoughtfully designed to encourage their artistic development as they flourish as young musicians.

The pinnacle of their musical expedition will culminate in a final, awe-inspiring public performance at our prestigious LSS concert, where your child’s newfound talent will shine brilliantly on stage, leaving a lasting impression on all who attend.

Join us as we open the doors to a world of musical wonder for your child, and watch them soar to new heights of creativity and expression in this inspiring and transformative learning experience.


September 15 to December 1, 2021. Weekly rehearsals every Friday 4pm to 5pm

Beginner and intermediate players (note this ensemble is not for complete beginners)


St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Moscow Road – London W2 4LQ

Final Public Performance
December 2, 2023



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