Sound Fundamentals



Saxophonist Martino Scovacricchi takes you by the hand on a step by step adventure to learn everything a saxophonist needs to know to play with a rich and powerful sound.


This is a comprehensive online program that takes you through all aspects of sound production on the saxophone with in-depth analysis on the embouchure, demonstration on sound development techniques, tonguing drills & methods to maximise your practice time.


I can confidently say that I believe this is the most comprehensive beginner/intermediate saxophone program on the market today, with video tutorials and downloadable resources that support the video content.


Here’s just some of what we’ll be covering…


  • Sound mechanics overview
  • Fundamentals of saxophone embouchure
  • How to play more relaxed
  • Producing a consistent sound
  • Embouchure types: the ‘classical’, the ‘jazz’, the non-embouchure embouchure.
  • Tonguing mechanics
  • Exercises to develop independence of the tongue
  • How to tongue faster
  • How to develop an even sound across the whole range of the saxophone
  • How to improve your sound quality
  • Long notes and beyond
  • What is sound projection?
  • Overtones explained
  • How to achieve amazing-sounding overtones
  • Overtone scales
  • Throat exercises to expand your sound with very little effort
  • How to approach practicing a new piece
  • Techniques to improve clarity in fast passages
  • How to establish a solid practice habit
  • Optimal posture with a detailed breakdown of every body part and their position (head, shoulders, arms, hands, hips, feet)
  • Breathing anatomy
  • Breathing techniques and exercises to improve breath capacity
  • How to achieve the only practicing mindset that will allow to waste less time in the practice room and play better.


                     …and much much more!


Everything you need to know about developing a good sound with an effortless embouchure is contained in this easy-to-follow course.


Martino draws on over 24 years of professional experience as a saxophone player and 10 years as a saxophone teacher to help remove the fear and intimidation that many of us have when it comes to playing the saxophone confidently and will help you to discover your dream sound.


This course includes:

  • Online Video Course with over 60 Video Lessons
  • Workout sheet PDF Downloads
  • 2 Workshops
  • Lifetime Access
  • London Saxophone School Private Community Lifetime Access


This is a digital product. Once you’ve made your purchase, you will be given a link and lifetime access to the entire course.


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