Group Classes for Adults give a powerful overview of the saxophone in a short period of time.
These types of sessions are aimed to take the complete beginner to an intermediate level in 35 weeks ( approx. 1 year).

We teach you the basics of saxophone playing while building up solid foundations for future musical development.


You can book courses at your own pace but if you want to see good results completing all four courses in a row will allow you to reach a intermediate level you could have never imagined.


Our group classes are structured as follows:


Course Duration Level # Students
Introduction to Saxophone 5 weeks No experience 5
Saxophone 1 10 weeks  Level 1 5
Saxophone 2 10 weeks Level 2 5
Saxophone 3 10 weeks Level 3 5


You will receive a Diploma from the London Saxophone School upon completion of all four levels.

So, what’s in it for me?




Easy and simple.

On these series of courses you will learn to play the saxophone.


  • You will build solid fundamentals right from the Introduction to saxophone course.
  • You will understand the mechanics of the saxophone.
  • You will work towards controlling your sound and sound good.
  • You will learn musical notation but you will also play by ear.
  • By Saxophone 3 you will play complex rhythms and be able to play any intermediate/advance pop/jazz melody.


With the help of our qualified teachers,  you will know what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

I don’t own a saxophone, how can I join these classes? HELP ME!

In order to join our group classes you are required to have your own saxophone.

Take advantage of our new hire scheme by clicking the button below.

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