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Does your child need to build confidence, social skills and play with other kids in a group setting?

In the Junior Saxophone Ensemble your child will get to rehearse with 12-15 fellow saxophone players and perform in the LSS concert by the end of the course.


Not only will your child improve their saxophone and musical skills but she/he will also build great relationships and friendships, will reinforce techniques learnt in private lessons and will develop a sense of self-discipline to practice.




Class size: 12-15 players
Level Intermediate players
Duration 12 weeks
Location Notting Hill
Dates and Prices See table below

What will I learn?


Musical teamwork – your child will feel part of a team and will learn how to communicate musically to achieve a clear goal.

Intonation – develop greater ears by improving your sense of intonation.

Following a conductor – learn to identify what conductor’s gestures mean and how to follow them while you play with the ensemble.
Rhythm – reinforce your sense of rhythm.
Reading – improve on your sight-reading.
Keeping part – learn not to be distracted by what others play and keep your part solid and musical.

Performance prep – learn how to prepare for a public performance within the group.

Concert – you will get to perform live with a band in our Christmas or Summer Concerts.
Build strong skill set – that your Chile can use going forward in their education and beyond.



Build self-confidence – group playing encourages interaction with other kids & self-confidence.


Boost social skills – music making fosters social and emotional skills that will boost your child’s innate creativity.

Course Dates and costs

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1 to 1 Lessons (in-person or online)



Ready to refine your saxophone skills or take up the saxophone from scratch? Book a private lesson with our teachers at LSS, now! 

We recommend starting with a consultation and then choosing a package of 5, 10 or 20 lessons.

Our teachers have vast experience in working with kids and adult learners of any level.


We focus on teaching you essential skills to become a well-rounded saxophonist. These include learning by ear, transcription, improvisation, reading musical notation, rhythm, sound production, musicality, theory, auditions and preparations for ABRSM exams.


All teachers are DBS checked.


“We struck gold when we were looking for a saxophone teacher for my 15 year old son and found Martino and the London Saxophone School.

Martino’s approach to teaching is exceptional and his passion and commitment to his students not only learning the technicalities of playing the instrument but nurturing a love of music made for a very special teaching experience”
– Lesley, parent





Class size: 1
Level All levels
Styles All styles
Location Notting Hill / Oxford Circus / Online
Dates and Prices See table below

What will I learn?


Get a great sound -so you can effortlessly produce a rich and powerful tone.
Understand the basics and beyond – so you can apply them to new songs and pieces.
Learn or improve your reading – so you can enjoy playing more music you like.
Learn or sharpen your jazz improv skills – so you can compose beautiful melodies on the spot.
Practice secrets – so you can maximise your time in the practice room and see more results.



Improve academic skills -taking music lessons will boost your child’s math skills and pattern recognition.
Refine discipline and patience – playing the saxophone will teach your child about delayed gratification and will develop great organisational skills.

Course Dates and costs

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5 Tips to help your child to practice

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