Enjoy the experience of playing in a saxophone ensemble, working as a group and making music with other fellow musicians.

Put into practice what you have been learning in private/group sessions and prepare to be amazed by the amount of new skills you will pick up along the way (improved listening, sound, musical awareness).

During the 12-week Saxophone Ensemble course you will work on one specific piece that, with the help of your instructor,  you will break down and shape the way professionals musicians do; all this in order to deliver a wonderful performance at the end of each course at the student’s concert.

We have played the following pieces in the past:

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So, what’s in it for me?





In just 10 weeks you will:


  • Improve your confidence in playing with other saxophonists
  • Be able to play under a conductor and understand gestures
  • Improve your sound and its quality
  • Section playing
  • Become more aware of your intonation
  • Technical work as a group
  • Articulation work as a group
  • Dynamics
  • Shaping a musical piece

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