Martino Scovacricchi – founder

Martino Scovacricchi is a saxophonist, composer and film composer. Born in Costa Rica in 1983 to parents of Italian and Costa Rican heritage and raised in Italy. Martino is an alumnus of the Berklee College of music where he was granted the North American Scholarship, Martino was also sponsored by DeSono Associazione per la Musica, CRT Master dei Talenti… Read more

Tamás Gyurcso

Tamás was born in Miskolc, Hungary, in 1989. He started studying music very early, at the age of 6, starting with the recorder. At the age of 11 he picks up the alto saxophone, learning mostly classical music. One year later he discovers the music of Charlie Parker and falls in love with jazz music.
In 2006, Tamás moves from his small hometown to Budapest, where he begins to learn jazz with some of the finest jazz musicians of the country, such as Kristóf Bacsó .. Read more

Manu Brazo

Spanish saxophonist Manu Brazo was born in Utrera (Seville) in 1993. He is currently studying for his Master in Performance at the Royal College of Music, London with Kyle Horch. He is an RCM scholar supported by Dr Michael West. Manu completed his undergraduate studies in Seville at the Conservatorio Superior de Música Manuel Castillo with Juan Jimenez….Read more

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