Saxophone Ensemble

By the end of this Saxophone Ensemble Course you will have acquired the fundamental skills necessary to play in a large musical setting. Improve your sight-reading and intonation, refine your sense of rhythm, and understand the gestures conductors make. Make music with other fellow musicians and enjoy weekly rehearsals in a non-judgmental environment. We are a great bunch and rehearsals are always a fun evening.



Class size: 16-20 players
Level Intermediate players
Duration 12 weeks
Location Notting Hill
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Who is this course for?



Our Adult Ensemble is for intermediate players looking for a new and engaging way to learn the saxophone outside of private lessons. Rehearsals are run by our expert saxophone tutors in a non-judgmental and friendly environment.

“In just a matter of weeks in playing in the ensemble, my sight reading has improved vastly, along with my timing and intonation. Martino has a passion to ensure that each and every one of his students is improving. He is extremely patient, knowledgeable and strives to get the best out of his group”


Fran, saxophone student

Kids and teenagers


Our Kids Ensemble gives the opportunity to children getting started on the saxophone to cultivate and nurture a passion for making music together. A great add-on to private lessons to boost your child’s musical talent and creativity.

“LSS is a community and it makes learning the saxophone so much better.
Meeting up with other players is the highlight of my week and the performances the highlight of the month”


Adonis, 16yo

What will I learn?

Intonation – Develop greater ears by improving your sense of intonation.
Following a conductor – Learn to identify what the conductor’s gestures mean and how to follow them while you play with the ensemble.
Rhythm – Reinforce your sense of rhythm
Reading – Improve your sight-reading.
Keeping part – Learn not to be distracted by what others play and keep your part solid and musical.
Performance prep – Learn how to prepare for a public performance within the group.
Concert – You will get to perform live with a band in our Christmas or Summer Concerts.


Group learning – Learn in a non-judgmental environment with other saxophone players. Have fun learning the saxophone
Music appreciation (kids) – Let your child discover and appreciate music and the saxophone in a friendly environment that nurtures positivity, respect, sensibility and discipline.
Stress relief (adults) – Music is a perfect way to relieve stress and the ensemble provides a place to go, share music, and be proud of the finished performance after.
Increase practice – Students have said they tend to practice more at home while taking the ensemble course due to the added motivation that comes from the group.


Playing Requirments

Intermediate players (upper beginners are welcome to join upon assessment; contact us before signing up

No beginners

Must be able to play a 2-octave chromatic scale.

Ability to read music at a grade 4-5 standard.



You will receive your part 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the course.


Which Saxophone

We welcome soprano, alto, tenor and baritone players..


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